5 Awesome Bannerlord Mods You Need in 2023: Game-Changers for Your Adventure

Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord isn’t just a game. It’s a world where you craft your medieval tale. And guess what? It gets even cooler with. Bannerlord mods! In 2023, the modding community has gone all out, creating some mind-blowing mods that you’ve got to try. Let’s dive into the top five mods that will totally revamp your gaming experience.

Bannerlord Mods

Caution: To be very clear, I tried all the mods separately and I still faced crashes. Please backup your saves and try them. I have corrupted my save files in the process more than once. Not sure it is due to enabling console or just the mods or the game itself.

The Long Night – Game of Thrones Total Conversion

Ever dreamed of battling it out in Westeros? ‘The Long Night’ turns that dream into reality. This mod is like stepping into a Game of Thrones episode.

You get to fight White Walkers, cast spells, and explore a completely new map inspired by the famous TV show. It’s a whole new game within Bannerlord, perfect for Thrones fans and anyone who loves a good fantasy twist. For more details on the mod visit here. Here is a gameplay preview for the same.


If you like your battles intense and a bit gory, ‘Dismemberment+’ is your go-to mod. It makes fights super realistic – we’re talking limbs flying and all that epic battle stuff. It’s updated to work with the latest Bannerlord version, so you’re in for a smooth, thrilling combat experience. You can watch what it does via this link.

Calradia at War (Custom Spawns)

Want more action in your game? ‘Calradia at War‘ brings it. This mod adds over 70 new groups of enemies and 200+ new troops. It’s like the game’s world just got bigger and better. You’ll face new challenges, meet new heroes, and never run out of things to do. It’s a must-have for keeping the game fresh and exciting.

Improved Garrisons

This mod is for the strategists out there. ‘Improved Garrisons’ lets you manage your castles and towns like a pro. You get more control over your troops, can train them better, and set up defenses that make you feel like a real lord or lady. It adds a whole new layer of strategy to Bannerlord. Here is a video showcasing its features:

Bannerlord Online

Ever wanted to roam around Calradia with your friends? ‘Bannerlord Online‘ makes that possible. This mod turns the game into a multiplayer adventure. You can team up, take on enemies, trade, and just hang out in the game world together. It’s a whole new way to experience Bannerlord with pals.

So exactly which among the bannerlord mods to start with ?

These five mods are game-changers, literally. They’ll make your Bannerlord adventures more thrilling, strategic, and fun. I would personally suggest provided if you are a GOT fan, you can download the first mod mentioned. And then maybe give others a try. I mentioned the list in the order I tried. GOT mod being the first one I was randomly suggested by YouTube when I was trying to look up how to increase the army size I had.

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